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TESCO Fundraising Bag Pack

Sunday the 17th of Feb saw members of DJC assemble at TESCO's in Tavistock for the first of 3 Bag Packs.

This year DJC has focused its efforts on fundraising for many projects, the money raised from this sort of endeavour is to assist with transport and hopefully logistical and entry costs for our higher squad players.

In 2019 DJC appointed Denise Willson to the role of Fundraising Officer after the previous incumbent

Mark decided to concentrate his volunteer efforts on coaching(we haven't got Denise on the mat yet!)

Denise arranged this the first of 3 bag packs and the turnout from our members was very good, I'm proud to say we had members from our Tavistock, Plymouth and Sparkwell dojos all giving up time on a rare Judo free Sunday.

So a massive thank you to Denise and daughter Olivia who was bag packing with her recently broken arm!

Also a big thank you to DJC Welfare Officer Jess who arranged the rota!

Nate recorded the biggest donation of the day with a £20 note and a mention too for the siblings of members who also gave up their time for the us.

After the pennies had been counted (literally!) our total came to £461.05!

Each person who volunteered will receive a 'DJC Star" certificate

See you all at the next one!!

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