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DJC @ The Devon & Cornwall Sports Awards

Monday the 28th of January saw DJC attend the Devon and Cornwall Sports Awards held at Plymouth Pavillions.

DJC had been nominated for the Club of the Year Award

We were also joined by Max Gregory from SBJC who had been nominated for two awards

The venue was beautifully decorated and was hosted by Swimmer Sharron Davies(who was at one time was engaged to Neil Adams!)

Entertainment was provided by a cheerleading troupe who choreographed a dance to the Greatest Showman soundtrack and it was awesome!

Soon enough awards were being handed out, sadly we were not to be the winner this time but we were still recognised as a finalist and it was nice to hear the promo for DJC which Jess filmed

Max too wasn't able to take home the main award but was the only person nominated in two categories and it was very satisfying to hear all of the achievements he has had

So Judo was a big part of the night, Its always good to see Judo taking its place alongside all the other successful sports across the two counties

Fingers Crossed for next year then!


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