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Ross attends England Coaching Seminar

On Sunday I attended the England Coaching seminar held at the British Judo Association Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

Up and back in a day is the reality of living in the south west, so a 5am departure saw arrival with an hour to spare and time for a nap in the back of the car, although i then got trapped in the back of the car as the child locks were on...

The first part of the day involved on the mat work, observing and giving advice to the England and GB juniors who were gathered for training, Gary was also attending and i took the opportunity to have a good chat with him about some fundamental principles that England are encouraging the players to follow.

(Mike is already introducing these fundamentals to our Squad classes)

Gary also had a long discussion about Kumi Kata and body position and influence during contests which i will feed back to our players.

We had lunch and then had a meeting with Nicole, Sophie and Sandra about the aims and targets for REDS this coming year and had a discussion concerning feedback from last year, It is refreshing to see that England is now becoming very individual and seems to be creating its own identity which i believe will benefit players in the long run

The meeting then followed on with discussions about ETD and the higher age groups that our players will soon be heading into

The day finished and Pete Douglas from Bradley Stoke jumped into the car and we had an insightful chat on the back to Bristol

Exciting times ahead for DJC

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