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DJC Presentation Evening 2018

Wow - here we are again...

It seems like only yesterday to coin a cliche that we were preparing for our first presentation evening in December 2016.

Well fast forward to 2018 and we were hosting our 3rd such event.

For the last 2 years the evening was held in the directors lounge at Plymouth Argyle, sadly as they looked after us very well it was decided that this year we would have to move because of increased numbers.

So this year we had booked the Leisure Centre Conference rooms at Derriford, this would give us the extra room we desired coupled with the fact that parking is pretty good,

Sadly it became evident rather quickly that this venue was also too small with a lack of seating and room being a large problem. Also it is quite clear that 'party planning' is how shall we say, not one of my core strengths.

Anyway aside from that the evening went very well, a fantastic chance for players, parents, members and volunteers to have a chat and a dance and indeed a sing!

DJC handed out some 60 awards to players with each of them receiving a 'Team Award' and certificate, it gave me great pleasure to see that a lot of our players were collecting their third version

Head Coach Mike handed out very single team award and spoke to every single player

This took some time but each player was warmly applauded by the crowd and shown the respect they deserved for a year of dedication

We then moved onto the individual awards

I think it prudent to point out that this is not an easy decision and not one myself or the coaching team look forward to with much relish, indeed each award could have had 4 or 5 recipients who could have all been considered worthy winners.

However the decisions were made and the following players and members received awards

Junior Awards:-

Spirit of Judo Awards were presented to





Perfomance of the Year Awards were presented to



The Chris Child Award for most Improved Junior Boy was presented to


The Chris Child Award for most Improved Junior Girl was presented to


Drake Judo Club Junior Boy of the Year was presented to


Drake Judo Club Junior Girl of the Year was presented to


Senior Awards:-

Spirit of Judo Award was presented to

Lauren England

Performance of the Year was presented to

Matt Helm

Most Improved Player was presented to

Jess Frise

Drake Judo Club Senior Player of the Year was presented to

Kate Green

Special Awards:-

The Presidents Award was presented to

Kieron Murphy

Drake Judo Club Chairman's Commendation Award was presented to

Dan & Andrea Brown

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