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Last Regional England Development Session (REDS) of the Year

Sunday the 18th of November saw the final REDS session for 2018

At the beginning of the year a number of our higher graded players took part in an assessment day and were then duly enrolled onto the England training program.

Every month since, there has been a training session held once a month in either Bath, Dartford, Coventry or at the GBR centre of excellence in Walsall.

It has not been easy for the DJC players, the training is very hard and tests the resolve of those attending, the program is designed more than anything to help England Judo identify potential athletes to move forward on their long term development plan and we knew this would be tough as our players were all the youngest that the program would allow

Being based in the south west is frankly quite a disadvantage as travelling times are at least 3 hours, with all the costs both financial and home time being associated with that, DJC was very new to this process unlike many of the other clubs and it has been a sharp learning curve and it is very apparent that any future REDS players from DJC will benefit hugely from the fact finding and reality checks that these players have been exposed to

DJC is very passionate about giving all our players the best possible entry into any pathway that they choose, be that just training once a week or looking towards Olympic dreams and therefore we have tried to put provisions in place to make the program as easy to access as possible

A big congratulations then to the following players who completed the program for the year:-






Thanks also to Ros, Jess and Andy who have driven up to the various locations and sat for literally hours providing support for our players

Good luck to the following players who will be attending the REDS 2019 Assessment days in January



Will K

More reports next year no doubt!

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