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Female Session @ FLO Judo Club

Sunday saw some of DJC's top competing girls attend a Ladies and Girls only session hosted by FLO Judo Club in Plymouth

The session was being run by Kylie Adams who is well known to DJC, Kylie is a 3rd Dan and has won countless medals over the last 20 years including a European Masters Bronze,

There was some whispered discussion as to why Kylie's black belt had a white stripe running down the middle of it. Do you know why?

Drake girls in attendance were







Players from Cornwall and various other clubs also supported the session, it was especially good for our girls as two Green belt girls from Redruth JC attended including Vita who has a very high energy style.

Kylie began the session with work on techniques and positioning, so over looked by todays juniors and work was done on O-Soto-Gari a simple yet incredibly effective technique when performed correctly, this move on to work on O-Goshi/Koshi Guruma and then transition finishing up with Ude Garami.

This was followed by some wonderful randori which all the girls enthusiastically got stuck into, although some of the girls had a bit of a shock when the tangled with BJJ player Jordan on the ground!

GBR currently has one of the worlds best female squads in the world and GBR has consistently produced excellent exciting female champions however sadly there is still a large drop off of girls around pre-teenage/teenage years for various reasons, but sadly one of the main ones is that Judo is not seen as being something that confirms to a typical feminine stereotype, however this is slowly changing, DJC has signed up as supporter of 'This Girl Can' and Strength, power and Athleticism are now traits which are being heavily promoted as feminine

It is vital that our girls feel a sense of community with each other in a sport which is still quite male heavy. These session that Kylie does empowers that sense.

At DJC we are EXTREMELY lucky that we have such amazing female role models including obviously our Vice President Christine who is one of the most successful females Britain has ever produced and of course Ros Hopkins, who has been in 3 different age range British Squads and won countless National and International medals couple this with our young coaches and Dan grades Corey and Kate DJC girls have a lot of role models to emulate

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