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DJC @ Kingsley School Judo Club Under 8 Festival 4 Fun for World Judo Day

World Judo Day Items

October the 28th is the birthday of modern Judo's founder Shihan Jigoro Kano, this date is celebrated as 'World Judo Day' and each year has a theme and this years is 'friendship'

a Young Jigoro Kano

With this in mind Simon and his team at Kingsley School Judo Club organised an Under 8 festival to celebrate!

DJC sent 15 players along for a day of fun which included a DJC player in every category

The day started a little earlier for the 5 year olds, of which we had a single entry, Albie who took part in some Judo games with the other 5 year olds and then took part in some contests in which he did very well, winning all of them. He then received a certificate and a medal for the days participation and then agreed to fight up in the older category!

The rest of players had arrived by this point and all started to join in the fun, which included throwing the Kingsley lion mascot! and various other Judo games

Contests then started to take place, these were obviously more relaxed than a normal competition and the focus was very obviously on friendship and development with everyone being cheered by all of those sepctating, DJC did very well with many players winning multiple contests and seeing how their Judo has developed compared to others from neighbour clubs of which Kingsley, Drake, Plymouth Judo club and Kazuoku Judo Club were also represented.

Oliver and George
Max and Albie


Alex, Cafan, Freddy and Rory

Albie in with the 5 year olds

Fran and Layla

Willem and Felix


Following all the contests an interactive quiz was held, which all the children partook in, with DJC's Fran Hay winning( we will be coming to Fran in future for our Judo trivia!)

Emily and Thomas!

All in all a wonderful way to spend World Judo Day, watching the youngest Drake members making they own journey.

Judo Friends!

Many thanks to Simon for organising the day and the young officials who made the whole possible by giving up their time(including Amber who made me at least 4 coffees)

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