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DJC @ the British Minors Championships

After Drakes success at these championships in 2017 we were looking forward to these championships, This year we had two players who were deemed experienced and advanced enough to take part

Will 'The Original' Kidd

Phoebe Frise

Unfortunately this years championships clashed with a big family event for Will but he will be focused on making the England squad in January

This meant that Phoebe would be flying solo in her first National championships, not too daunting then...

Phoebe was also unique in that Judo players are given two years at each age band and last year all of our players were in their 2nd year, Pheebs is the first DJC player to enter in her first year of eligibility

Phoebe was also the only player from Devon to enter these championships and one of only a handful from the whole of the Western Area

The championships this year were hosted by the Eastern Area in Thetford

This was to be Phoebes debut at her new weight U36 kilos! so being just over the U32 limit almost all the other girls were heavier and taller

Phoebe had a short wait before competing in her new category which was the most populated of the female weight groups,

In the quarterfinals she met a player who went on to compete in the final. Phoebe put in a solid performance.

She then fought for a bronze medal against a player from Rush Judo who was much taller and at least 3 kilos heavier plus a year older, the contest swung this way and that with both coaches being extremely vocal from the boxes, both players were 2 shidos down after 2 minutes as the sheer desire was evident, sadly for Pheebs because the player was taller as her arm went around the girls waist her hand was brushing her opponents thigh which resulted in a 3rd Shido and an end to the contest, but 5th place and 5th best in the UK at a new weight and first year entry is very good and something positive to work on

Ross also coached TJ from Kazoku who came away with a Silver medal after some feisty contests

Next year we expect you have at least 4 players at this event and perhaps 8 players at the National championships in higher age bands

We now look towards the Pre-Cadet National Championships in December!

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