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DJC launches latest School2dojo class at Sparkwell Primary School

Friday the 28th of September saw DJC launch its latest satellite club within a local school, this is our first School2dojo Black Belt link in a Primary School, although we have yellow belt links in other Primary schools Sparkwell joined our list of current black belt links at Tavistock College, Ashburton Community College, Plymstock School and Sir John Hunt School.

As with our other links, DJC provides the school with the UKCC Level 2 coach for free of charge, that way the children are not charged to train, making the sessions accessible to all.

Sparkwell School were especially proactive, offering the club as an official after school club and circularising the entire school, this resulted in 21 students signing up for the session.

The first session was held in main room of the old Sparkwell School, the students discussed the concept of Judo, what it was used for, a brief history and watched a show demonstration with a more experienced pupil.

Our DJC coach Ross, then took the whole class through breakfalls and the importance of good ukemi and how this made it possible to train in Judo over and over again.

The students who ranged from 5 to 10 then practised a throw and basic ground hold, with 21 students this brought the class to an end, lots of parents observed the session and were very complimentary,

DJC are excited to hopefully be inspiring a new generation of Judoka and introducing them to our wonderful sport.

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