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DJC @ The West of England Open Championships(Minors & Pre-Cadet)

It seems a very short time ago that DJC were attending the WOE closed championships, we did very well on that occasion, fast forward to Saturday the 28th of July and DJC was at the Open version of the Tournament, The Open meaning that anyone from the UK can enter, therefore the competition tends to attract more experienced players, meaning that it can be a very tough day, a chance for lessons to be learned

Because of the level of this competition this marks the first year since we founded that DJC has entered anyone and therefore it would be a good chance to see how our players were measuring up against some of the other talent from far and wide across the UK

First up was Phoebe who rather frustratingly was still a bit lethargic in her first contest having arrived a little late due to taxi issues, she was in total control of tsaid contest before making an error and being held down, due to the size of the group this put her into the reprecharge where she had to fight through to a bronze medal final, a slight change of strategy saw her win her next two contests including one against the younger of the Whitfield sisters from Bradley Stoke JC, into the bronze medal final she again beat another girl from Bradley Stoke to take a well earned bronze medal, oh but to fight in the first contest again!

Next up were Bogdan and Reuben who were in a different weight group but paired together, both had very tough contests, but both picked up two wins each,

Reuben taking a particular victory with some awesome Ne-Waza and took Gold in his weight group to add the Open title to the Closed title he took earlier in the month,

Bogdan took a very hard earned bronze, in a very tough group which included the national championing the weight, he has a couple of things to work on, As we mentioned this competition offeres an opportunity to highlight any parts of there overall package that the players can work on


Across the mat Charlotte and Georgina we getting ready to go into battle, George who is the smallest in her new weight group gave her usual 1000% effort against some of the best girls around and wasn't outclassed at any point, showing some new techniques too, she was slightly put off by a couple of rules she was unsure of, but she came away with a 3rd place(which we didn't realise until the end so she left before her medal was presented which we will now do in club)

Lottie was hoping that some of her recent hard work especially energy levels and working on the final execution part of her throws would give her some gains, which it did, whilst still needing to work on her final 'money shot' on throws she dispatched all of her opponents with seemingly routine ease, her groundwork and gripping remains impeccable, a first Area Open title for Charlotte.

Moving back to mat number 3 we had Alanna and Lucy in the girls Middleweights, Lucy was trying some new tactics which looked to be paying off, her determination was good and with some improvements in her fitness levels I'm sure we will see some great things from her, She was unlucky on a couple of referee calls but finished the day in Bronze medal position.

Alanna could be considered one of our most improved players so far this year, whist always previously being a medal winner her judo has visually gotten better with her movement and gripping more imposing, she was a cut above her competition and none of the three contests proved to be more than a routine victory, Gold and an Open title to add to her closed title.

Last up was DJC Club Captain Jack Murphy who looks the part, tall, muscular and confident, his first contest against player from Rush Judo was an excellentperformance showing his usual confidence, his next contest was against a brown belt from up country, a competitive contest which he just missed out on, but a well earned silver medal rounded off the day. jack is without doubt one of the top Pre-Cadets in the country

Final tally was 3 Gold 1 Silver and 4 Bronze - which meant every player that came medalled and we are returning with 3 Area Champions,

Many thanks to Kate, Ros, Ross and Charles who coached from Matside and to all the parents who gave up their first weekend in the summer holidays to spend it in a leisure centre!

Also a mention for Ellie Shipp and Maddox Callard from South Brent who both fought very well against tough competition, Maddox was in a very competitive group(Pinewood packed) and Ellie won 2 very tough contests and came very close in her 3rd taking a bronze medal excellent Judo from both of them

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