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DJC Beach Social 2018

Dan’s family beach day 2 - The sequel!

Once again to celebrate the start of the summer (and the glorious weather we have been having) I thought I would head off to the beach and invite everyone from Drake… Bigbury beach here we come!


We have had an incredibly busy 12 months so it was time to relax and catch some sun. I was met in the car park by the first couple of keen families, and we headed down to the sand to find a suitable spot. Obviously, when you organise anything that is just a ‘turn up if you want’ event there is always a bit of a doubt of how many come?? But, I definitely didn't need to worry - a fantastic 74 of you joined me, 21 families in total (and that doesn't include one of the new Drake families that we bumped into by coincidence!).

I was quite blown away as I looked out across the ‘camp’ that DJC had built… you know there is a lot of people when you have two separate games of football going on! With so many people, there was lots of fun and games with plenty of sun, sea and sand to go with it!

Andrea was definitely kept very busy teaching people to paddle board - Thank you Andrea!

BBQ’s sizzled and a few chilled beers helped keep some of the adults cool in the sun too. I really believe that for any club to be successful, all the members (and their families), have to be happy to succeed in their chosen hobby. That is why we at DJC feel that social events are very important to us and I would like to thank each and everyone of you who came along! See you all next year - same time same place!


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