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DJC Demo at St Andrews School, Plymouth

A couple of weeks ago, DJC delivered a demonstration at St Andrews School in Plymouth to the students and parents during their annual summer fair.

It was an extremely hot day and the turnout was very good, the Demo was led by DJC chairman Ross and he was ably assisted by juniors Joseph, Oscar and Rory who are pupils at the school.

With lots of children keen to have a try, the hour demo was spilt into 3 back to back beginner classes, with pupils trying throws O-soto-Otoshi, Tai Otoshi and finally a ground hold Kesa Gatame

Because of the heat it was decided to keep socks on as the mats can very quickly heat up and make walking around on bare feet very painful

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we have already had a number of the participants try a session at the lifecentre, feedback was also very good, it is now hoped that DJC can establish a School2Dojo Yellow belt link with the school.

If you think your child's school would benefit from a demonstration from DJC then please feel free to liaise with Ross or get the school to email

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