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DJC @ The National Team Championships

Western Area Pre-Cadet Team with Jack at the Top

Saturday the 30th of July saw Drake Club Captain Jack Murphy travel up to Newport for the National Team Championships, hosted by Welsh Judo.

a big mat area in Newport

In the UK the British Judo Association divides the country up into areas, on top of that there are specific organisations that have an area(Combined Services and the Police for example), Drake Judo Club sits in the Western Area, the biggest area by land space there is, which covers from Poole in Dorset all the way to the Sicily Isles in Cornwall.

Annually each area selects its best team from the players based within its area to compete against all the other areas, the event has the longest history of any event in the UK, indeed when Judo was first introduced to the UK the Team event was the only type of competition that was permitted, the competition also attracts players who are world class(the West had a very competitive Senior Team a few years ago with the Team Bath players)

This year as last year we had only one player that was eligible, Jack Murphy

All the boys

Jack was the heavyweight in the Pre-Cadet Team, he was hugely competitive in all of his contests against other areas, Jack can rightfully consider himself one of the top Pre-Cadets in the country currently, a couple of close losses in golden score to the other top lads in the UK meant jack gave a fab account and can count himself a little unlucky

Can you spot Jack?

The team did not progress out of the group stage with the quality being of the highest available, the boys did pick up a victory against the North-West team

Jack as usual flying the flag for Drake at the higher end competitions

The entire Junior Western Area Team

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