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Daisy's Ice Cream Sundae Social

Daisy! who to be fair wasn't feeling well

So almost exactly a year ago, i mentioned the idea of holding a social gathering for DJC members involving ice cream, it was a bit of a throwaway comment and in the end we didn't run with it as so many other events took up the calendar space,

However one of our members didn't accept this, Daisy has asked me week after week, ''when will we have the ice cream party?'' and every week i fobbed her off(the winter isn't a great time to do it) finally last month we booked in a rare free Sunday(although REDS was on, its almost impossible to find a weekend completely free) and penciled it in for what we were now calling 'Daisy's Ice Cream Sundae Social'

So we were all to meet at Gelatoes Ice Cream Parlour at 12pm on Sunday afternoon

Gelatoes! - thanked it was empty when we got there

We then got word that Daisy was poorly running a high temp! talk about bad timing. However her Drake spirit prevailed and she managed to make it on time along with 56 other Drake members!

Dan with his 3 sons???

DJC members enjoying the treats

A few of us were surprised by the size of the desserts, luckily we had Callum on hand who now at around 6ft 2 and growing daily was able to help polish off a few!

Daisy with family
Nath seems to be enjoying himself

The idea behind socials is to see and interact with each other in a non Judo environment, I'm glad to say that nobody turned up in a Judo suit, George turned up in a dress because she told me she wanted to look 'fancy' - which she certainly did (she also went for a pasty afterwards to wash down the ice cream)

''Dad i want an ice cream as big as my head!''
Two peas in a pod

I think all in all it was a very successful day and we now look forward to ''Dan Beach Day 2'' in July at Bigbury, Andrea is going to teach me how to bodyboard!

If you have an idea for a social, please let myself of Tony(social sec) know and we could be planning it in!, although hopefully not a year after we first announce it


i didn't finish it (lightweight)

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