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Judo is Fun!


Drake Judo Club is the biggest martial arts club in the South West and we offer classes for all ages and all abilities from ages 4 to 100

So why haven't you or your child considered Judo before...

Here are some frequently asked questions:-

Why Judo?

Judo is both a sport(it has Olympic Status) and a martial art(a 'way' to guide you through life) Judo helps individuals build confidence, make new friends, have a sense of achievement, learn discipline and respect for oneself and their peers and also learn a form of self defence

Judo is for Girls!

What is Judo?

Judo is a system of combat which involves throwing an individual and then holding them on the ground, if you over 16 then Joint locks and Strangles are also part of Judo but these are not taught to children

Who does Judo?

Everybody! we have children and adults from every walk of life, we have an equity officer and welfare officer to ensure that any person regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexuality, social economic background are treated with same respect. We especially encourage females of all ages to try Judo

Where and When is the Judo?

We hold classes on a Saturday morning at the Lifecentre(next to Plymouth Argyle FC) from 9.30am till 10.30am for 4-7 years olds, from 10.30 till 11.30am for 8-12 year olds and then from 11.30 till 1pm for our more experienced players

For the adults we have a session at the Lifecentre from 8pm until 9.30pm every Tuesday

we take from ages 4+

How much is the Judo?

Judo is considered to be one of the most affordable sports available today, each session is only £4 we also offer a £20 per month option which allows you to train in any session you wish across our 3 centres in Plymouth, Tavistock and Ashburton making a considerable saving

Will I have to buy a Judo suit?

We do understand that you do not want to purchase equipment or clothing for you or your child before you have properly tried out our sport, that's why we offer complimentary kits to be worn for the first month or so before you decide to buy your own

Is Judo safe?

Judo statistically is one of the safest sports for children and adults, obviously the main part of Judo is to learn to fall safely without being hurt so that does help!, there are no kicks or punches in Judo and no impact to the head. Compared to Football or Rugby we have an extremely proud record of very low numbers of injuries

Can I drop my children off and comeback later to pick them up?

We do like to get to know you before you can do this, we require that we have emergency contact details(see our privacy policy) for every child so that in the unlikely event you are needed we can contact you immediately, after a period of time you would be welcome to go for a swim, head of to the gym or go and get the food shopping done whilst we teach your child

Judo is for Boys!

Do I have to block book?

No, you simply turn up to the session, you can if you wish just observe though we like to try and get everyone involved from their first visit, it can be a little intimidating for a young person the first time they see everyone dressed the same with their coloured belts on running around the mat area, but usually after a week or so they are as keen as everyone else!.

Can myself or my child go up the coloured belts?

Yes! We have 3 systems of grading, SHO coloured belts which is for children under 8, MON for children aged 8 - 14 and KYU for 14+ after this you will grade for your black belt! (DAN Grades)

What about your coaches?

Drake Judo Club invests very heavily in its coaching program, we have a 3rd Dan Black Belt Head Coach with two 2nd Dan Black Belt Junior Coaches and two 2nd Dan Black Belt Senior coaches, we are very privileged to currently have 13 UKCC qualified coaches which means they are recognised by Sport England and the British Olympic Association, ALL coaches also have fully up to date DBS and First Aid certificates. We have both Female and Male Coaches.

Judo teaches respect and discipline

Who owns Drake Judo Club? is it a business?

Drake Judo Club is not a business, it is run 100% by volunteers and all members contributions are re-invested back into the club, the club is led by a committee of volunteers, If you would like to see about the goings on please browse through our 'News' section

Ok Im keen what do I do now?

Great! you can simply turn up to the Lifecentre on any Saturday(we run through the school holidays) and one of our Parent Liaison Officers will greet you and introduce you and you child to the coach. If you would prefer you can call 01752 695220 and speak to Ross who will be able to answer any specific questions you may have or you can email and you will usually get an answer the same day, also you can use facebook messenger via our social media profiles

Judo is for all the family!

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