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Spring Gradings at DJC

Over the past two weekend DJC players have completed gradings across SHO, MON and KYU grades, with the following players successfully passing (42 in total)

Thanks to DJC Examiners Ross, Mike and Charles


Cafan, Harvey, Harry, Josh, Max, Albie, Ollie, Willem, Freddie, Alfie, Beth, Reuben, Issac, Angus, Marcus, Fran, Layla, Ethan, George and Thomas


Charlie 1st Mon, Daisy 3rd Mon, Allan 4th Mon, Joe 1st Mon, Olivia 5th Mon, Bogdan 9th Mon, Reuben 9th Mon, Lottie 9th Mon, Jake 9th Mon, Georgia 3rd Mon, Alanna 9th Mon, Charlie 1st Mon, Erin 5th Mon, Lucy 9th Mon


Lauren 6th Kyu, Jess 6th Kyu, Dael 6th Kyu, Derek 6th Kyu, Simon 6th Kyu Claire 6th Kyu, Denise 6th Kyu, Kieron 3rd Kyu

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