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DJC @ REDS Dartford & REDS Walsall

Over the weekend, its was all about the DJC girls as Alanna, Lucy and Lottie headed off to two different locations across the country to attend the Regional England Development Squad sessions

Lucy and Alanna, along with coaches Charles and Roz were attending the session British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall

Lottie went to the beautiful Dojo at Dartford which is the BJA former Centre of Excellence so both parties were getting first class facilities with which to do their training

Both locations followed the same itinerary for the day which was thus

2 hours of Newaza drills in the morning followed by randori


2 hours of Tachi Waza drills with a focus on Morote Seoi Nage movement, pulling onto and acceleration into the throw to full power and then some randori followed by strength and conditioning training

The photo below is from Walsall with Lucy(looking up!) and Alanna and juniors from other Devon and west clubs, including South Brent and Bradley Stoke

A fantastic experience for all and an opportunity to continue their individual Judo journey

Onwards & Upwards

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