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Dan Gradings: Mike achieves 3rd Dan & Ross achieves 2nd Dan

Over the weekend DJC Head Coach Mike Nugent and Chairman Ross Taylor ventured North to complete the final elements to achieve their next black belt promotion.

Mr Mifune 10th Dan performing Nage-no-kata

The final element of a Dan grading is demonstrating several Kata's, these have to be completed to an acceptable standard in front of a Joseki (senior examiner) and so a lot of prep work prior to them being examined is required. Years ago the BJA did not require its Dan grades to have any Kata knowledge, this has now changed and grades from 1st to 5th Dan are expected to be able to demonstrate Kata to a reasonable level and increasingly it is being encouraged for the higher Kyu grades to have some knowledge too

Kata is a physical list of techniques and the etiquette element to them is as important as the actual technique itself and it can be considered insulting to not complete the Kata with all the correct elements, including Rei and ashi positions

Ross had to complete two full Kata's, the fifteen throws of Nage-no-kata(both left and right so thirty in total) and the twelve Ne-Waza techniques of Katame-no-kata

Ross was tori with Mike being uke (uke plays a huge role within Kata and it is imperative that they are as co-operative as possible) both Kata's were passed

Katame-no-kata being demonstrated

Mike had to complete 3 full Kata's, the previously mentioned Nage-no-kata, Katame-no-kata and then the more advanced Gonosen-no-kata(counter techniques)

Ross and Mike partnered for the first two Kata with the Senior Examiner saying that their Katame-no-Kata was 'a pleasure to watch' this is extremely high praise indeed.

Mike then had a new partner who also needed the Gonosen Kata for his 3rd Dan, it turned out this gentleman was Mark Conway(Sally Conway's Dad) and an excellent performance from both saw both pass

The result is that now this element has been completed Mike now becomes at Third Dan our highest grade in club(excluding Christine) and Ross now joins Charles, Steve and Gary as the clubs 4th Second Dan Coach

Mr Mifune 10th Dan demonstrating Kata with Kano Shihan

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