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2nd Drake Judo Club AGM

Wednesday the 14th of March saw Drake Judo Club hold their 2nd Annual General Meeting, for those of you who haven't been involved with running a company or organisation an AGM is a yearly meeting of the members or shareholders of a club, company, or other organization, especially for holding elections and reporting on the year's events

The meeting was opened by DJC chairman Ross Taylor who introduced the reporting officers, Treasurer Charles Knape and Secretary Dan Brown,

Reports we read on the financial state of the club and the ingoing's and outgoings, stats from the clubs activities and achievements in 2017 and future plans moving forward, if any of our members require a copy of these reports please email

All members of our committee were then named and the position they hold within the club was announced, the committee then resigned en mass leaving only club President Allan Perry as the only serving committee member

It was at this point that DJC club committee member Rob Cowell was announced as not standing for re-election.

Rob has been a big supporter of DJC and was with us from our inception, both his sons Sam and Alex both won medals for DJC with Alex being especially active, Rob himself served as Club photographer and Press and Publicity officer and during this time took some of the most memorable photographs in our short history, including the shot below of Jake Brown turning his opponent into sangaku gatame.

The Chairman had earlier thanked Rob for his contribution and hard work, the President also echoed this and gave a short speech thanking him

The only request to join the committee had come from Mark Bettey who was proposed by the President to be voted on to the committee along with the members who stood for re-election, the quorum then voted and the which was unanimous voting the committee back en masse for another 12 months.

The Committee is therefore as follows:-

President - Allan Perry

Chairman - Ross Taylor

Secretary - Dan Brown/w Andrea Brown

Treasurer - Charles Knape

Head Coach - Mike Nugent

Development Officer - Andy Hay

Welfare Officer - Jess Frise/w Steve Jackson

Volunteer Coordinator - Ros Hopkins

Volunteer Coordinator - Tony Murphy

Fundraising Officer - Mark Bettey/w Denise Bettey

The Chairman then opened the floor to questions from the membership after this the meeting then closed

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