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Drake Competition: Pebble Art!

For the month of February DJC has been running a competition, It was a simple enough concept, paint a pebble with a Judo/DJC theme, hide it with instructions that once it has been found a photo of it should be posted to Facebook and then the Pebble should be re-hidden.

It sounded simple enough although when Lyshia suggested to me that it mightd make a good competition i must admit i didn't think it would catch on

Well I'm happy to admit i was wrong, as you can see from the below photos it proved very popular with social media shoutouts for Drake Judo club in both the Plymouth Pebble Art group and the Tavistock rocks group.

We will be announcing the winner in the week, in the meantime anyone who has designed a pebble and had it found and posted on social media gets a small chocolatey prize, so please come and see me in class if this is you! Also if you have designed a pebble and its not included below, please let me know!

Well done to everyone who took part and I'm extremely impressed with your efforts


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