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Mon & Kyu Grading Day @ DJC

Sunday saw a large amount of Judoka, (over 30 as you will see) travel to our Tavistock Dojo to take part in our first dedicated 'Grading Day'

The reason we have to dedicate an entire day to grading is that with numbers needing to grade as they are it would disrupt too many training sessions therefore everyone who who needs to grade travelled specifically.

Mia grading to 3rd Mon
Niamh gets her 2nd Mon

Big smiles from Zoe as she gets her first Mon
Joseph gets off the mark with his first mon

Liam was nervous but flew through his grading to get 1st Mon

Jo and Isabelle did amazing to get their 2nd Mon

Sarah had a few tears but was flawless and got her first mon

2nd Mon for Nate

Flo is all smiles with her 3rd Mon

Angus had a mind freeze then it all came back to him! 3rd Mon

Players were staggered throughout the day and a series of pre-grading workshops was set up by some of the older juniors and a couple of the seniors

The gradings ranged from 1st mon all the way through to 10th mon.

Ross was in the examiners chair for most of the day with the odd SHO grading being taken by Ros

Skyla is on fire at the moment with her 4th Mon
Ariel becomes a new yellow belt, 4th Mon
Will is 1 grade away from Orange
Oliver took his 5th Mon

Ethan gets 4th Mon, Callum will be furious! :)

Leo was very good and is now a yellow belt

Pheebs was flawless, tremendous performance

Louis is now a yellow belt!

We had a number of players change bel;t colour and have added to our Yellow belts, Players who had the new colour were, Ethan, Leo, Louis, Adiel, Skyla and hopefully Allan who was unable to make it today

Lottie kept to her usual high standards
Alanna was excellent as usual
Reuben was super Luke again for everyone, and passed his own easily
great performance fro Lucy

Jake did well as he always does

Bogdan kept saying major instead of minor, apart from that awesome hahaha

On top of our mon gradings, a senior grading also took place, James(JP) was taking his 6th Kyu red belt and with the help of super uke Mark Bettey he passed with flying colours

We also had one SHO grade left over from yesterday which was taken by Angus, he now holds a Brown SHO grade which is the highest in the club!

JP(James) gets his red belt, pictured with Dan
Angus is now our highest graded SHO with his Brown Belt

Last but not least Keiron Murphy took his green belt grading, this is important for a number of reasons, Kieron has decided he would like to become a BJA referee and who know where this may lead in the future, to become a junior referee you must hold a grade of 10th Mon, which Kieron now does, he also become our only green belt Junior to boot, a big congratulations to him and thanks to Captain jack who Uke'd for his big brother too

Very high quality grading from Keiron, referee course here we come!

In total over the weekend DJC has graded 46 players, that is a new record for a single weekend!

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