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Steve Gawthorpe Squad Session

Steve watches Jack and Reuben

For 2018 former Olympian and World Medallist Steve Gawthorpe has joined the Drake coaching team, Wednesday evening's squad session was his first of the year

Our squad players worked on a variety of techniques and skills that Steve had planned and moving forward he is looking to refine our players abilities and improve there individual skill set.

Naimh watching the finer points of Ne-Waza

Steve is generally considered to be one of the best groundwork practitioners that the UK has ever produced. His experience relayed to our players over a protracted period of time will should improve our squad players technique and their application of current techniques in both ground and standing areas

The session itself was extremely well received with all of our players giving fantastic effort, Steve was assisted by Drake coaches Mike Nugent and Mike Askew both of whom also hail from the 'North', Steve also took the time to speak to a number of parents and explain what his plans for the future

Steve will be coaching the squad session every last Wednesday of this year, so if you are a squad

player make sure you don't miss out

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