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Cake for Sir Francis Drake's Birthday


DJC recognised and celebrated the Birthday of the man who's name we took to name our club Sir Francis Drake.

Drake had connections with both Plymouth and Tavistock (being born in the latter an living and operating his business in the former)

Sir Francis Drake was born probably in 1540 and the actual date is unknown therefore and a little morbidly his birthday is celebrated on the date of his death! 28 of January 1596

We decided to mark this occasion with the way everyone celebrates their birthday, with cake!!

is Oscar eyeing his yellow belt?

Natasha Humphrey (Oliver and Izzy's Mum) very kindly took on the challenge of cooking and decorating over 100 Judo themed cup cakes

As you can see from the photo she did a splendid job and they were thoroughly enjoyed by all of our players, sadly due to numbers Seniors were not permitted any which they were very vocal about!

Happy Birthday Sir Francis!

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