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Devon Squad Selections

Devon team selections have been made for 2018 from all the clubs in Devon.

The Devon team fights in a competition in February where they contest teams made up from other counties within the Western Area

The selections are not made by Drake Judo Coaches but by the central Devon Coaching team and they have made 28 selections for the competition and subsequently 10 of those players are from Drake Judo Club, This makes up up the biggest single contribution from one club

We had 2 players selected last year (Captain Jack and Alanna)

Sadly the teams event does not provide spaces for every weight group and the Minors team is made up of alternating weights of the boys and girls and the Cadet and Pre-Cadets are combined too meaning it can be a little bit of a lottery as to whether you will be considered dependant if you happen to be on of those weights at the time which makes the fact we have filled 10 places very satisfying

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected,

Georgina Jenkinson - Minors

Phoebe Frise - Minors

Alanna Hopkins - Minors

Lucy Knape - Minors

Maria Oram-Perez - Pre Cadet/Cadets

Rosemary Hopkins - Seniors

Jake Brown - Minors

Bogdan Losonczi - Minors

Reuben Frise - Minors

Charles Knape - Seniors

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