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Introducing Drake Judo Clubs New Strength and Conditioning coach Nathan Sinden

Drake Judo Club are extremely proud to announce that we have appointed a full time Strength and Conditioning coach through our link with Plymouth Marjons University.

Nathan Sinden is a 2nd year S&C student and has agreed a placement with us.

This means he will be putting into practice what he is learning at university on a daily basis, he also will be working alongside Sophie Richards our current club Sports Therapist.

This appointment gives Drake players and members the very best in preparation for their competitive endeavours, Nathan will be looking at all squad a senior individuals and tailoring specific S&C plans for them for on and off the tatami

He will also be providing advice to our coaches to enable them to balance the technical aspects of their sessions with the physical

Nathan has spent significant time training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts which gives him a real insight into how a Judo player functions.

You can view Nathans profile on our coaching page on our website (click the link below)

If see Nathan at training, don't be shy say hello!

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