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A visit from Devonport Services Rugby U12s to Marjons

DJC's Tuesday night session at Marjons had a bit of a twist this week as 19 Rugby Players both boys and girls joined us for training.

The players were from local Rugby club Devonport Services and the session was arranged by DSR coach and Marjons Senior Lecturer Ryan Thomas,

Ryan is also an old friend of the Drake coaching team and it was good to see him back on the mat (interesting side note Ryan and Ross both achieved their black belt at roughly the same time though Ryan likes to point out he got his a few weeks earlier!) even demonstrating a throw or two of his own

DJC coach Steve Coles led the session with assistance from Mike, Ross, Gary and Ryan - Steve was at a small disadvantage as he had been told that the session would be adult student Rugby players and had to adapt the session for juniors!(sorry Steve)

The players were without Judogi and lots of the session was specifically adapted to focus on Kuzushi, Body positioning and balance and then applied to Rugby specific situations.

The session flew by and was enjoyed by all with feedback being very positive, If you or someone you know has a youth group who would like to try judo please contact us at

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