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Jack flies the flag for DJC @ The British Championships

When The Murphy family joined DJC one of the things that concerned us was that because Jack was slightly older than our Gen1 players he would end up attending a lot of competitions on his own or at least without any team mates to cheer him on.

However he has never once complained or said that he feels cheated, in my opinion his performance has never been affected and he has quietly gone about his business and has provided DJC with an awful lot of our records

Last year he became Devon Champion and Western Area Champion and became our first ever Junior Boy of the Year, he has medalled at the WA schools and at the BJC Nationals this year and was our first player called up to the Western Area Team also this year

Jack was also made Club Captain this year and has stepped up when the role required him to including being interviewed on live Radio opposite Brian Jacks! no pressure their then.

So it should be no surprise that Jack made the Journey to Sheffield to take on the UK's best players at the National Championships, A bye in his first contest led straight into the second which he sadly lost to an eventual Bronze medalist, into the reprecharge where Jack won his next contest which put him into the Quarter finals against you've guessed it the other eventual Bronze Medalist

A top 10 finish by my count puts Jack in amongst the top fighters in the UK not bad for the little fair haired boy who wandered into my dojo some 6 years ago


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