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DJC hosts its annual Autumn Inter-Club

Drake Judo clubs 4th Interclub festival With the view to host our own Drake open next year, we as a club, wanted today to be as professional as possible. The committee were out in force early, to get everything set up and with the help of the Life Centre staff, mats were laid, time clocks set up and seating for one hundred put out. We were ready! Everyone signed in and after a warm up led by Head Coach, Mike, the Judoka were ready to go. Players seem to take calmly to their seats, while their parents were a bit more nervous.

The first groups were called and the Novice and Sho grades took to the benches. Lottie and Lucy took to the coaches chairs with Alanna taking her first steps as a referee. Some of our young Tavistock ladies were up first. All five having trained together regularly the competition was fierce and so the bar was set high for the day very early. Beth took Gold, Fran won Silver and Layla, Evelyn and Migomie took Bronze.

At the same time the Sho grade boys took to the mat too. A tough best of three ensued. Willem claimed the gold with Marcus getting a well earned Silver. The second round of Sho boys were up next. Jonah took Gold, with the ever smiling George getting Silver and youngest DJC player, Albie, and Freddy winning Bronze. Sho grade veterans were up next. Cafan took a well deserved Gold. Reuben T took Silver and Angus claimed his Bronze. Next up two Newbies to competition, Jason W took on Issac in a best of three. Well done to Issac who took his first gold and Jason got a well deserved silver. A big well done to these two, it’s not easy being the new kids!

Next up was a slightly older group of girls. A nervous Sarah took to the mat, having only been to a few lessons, but came away with a big smile as she won both fights, with hold downs, to win her first Gold with Georgia getting Silver with Keisha taking Bronze. There was a pause for medals and then the Mon grades were called.

Once again, competition was fierce, and technique started to shine through now the the more experienced Judoka taking to the mat. This time around Jake and Maria took to the coaches chairs with Keiran as referee. To start off this round the Mon grade girls were up, Phoebe took a Gold to add to her collection, with Erin taking a close Silver and Isabel W and Isabel C taking some well deserved Bronzes.

A big group of five boys fought next. Oscar rose to the top, with some great judo, taking Gold. Adiel won Silver.With Joe, Oliver N and Liam taking Bronzes. Another pause for medals and older kids were called to the benches. Up next was some of the older lads. A very close group with both Nate’s fights going to a Referee's decision. Nate took a Gold with Jake winning the Silver and Will taking the Bronze. Well done Nate, definitely holding your own with the older lads!

The older girls were up too. Maria won Gold, Lottie Silver and Daisy and Lucy taking well deserved Bronzes in a tough group. Sadly I missed most of this group but heard the competition was fierce. Last up in this group, was Reuben F, Alan and Oliver H fighting it out. Having faced each other many times this year, everything was to fight for. Reuban F won Gold, with Alan taking Silver and Oliver H winning Bronze.

Another short pause for medals, and it was time for the Youth and Senior categories. A group of five, Izzy didn’t seem phased at all as she took on DJC’s biggest lads and held her own. There was a some tension amongst the spectators as the Murphy brothers went head to head. Jack’s experience shone through, so he won Gold with his brother Kieran taking Silver. Ethan, Callum and Izzy H took well deserved Bronzes in another tough group. Mark, Rob and I were up next. Mark caught, both me and Rob with cracking foot sweeps to take his Gold. I took Silver and Rob won Bronze. Great effort Rob, considering we were both much heavier and higher grades!

Last, but certainly not least, was Drake’s Big Boys. Rich took on James winning with a hold down. Darek went on to beat them both to win his Gold. Rich took silver and James came away a Bronze.

The day had gone by in a blur with many highlights. With forty nine entries and too many fights to count the day was all but over, just time for a quick group photo and we were all but done. Ross had a couple of announcements, one of which being the winner of the DJC’s Presidential award for dedication and commitment which, this year, went to a very proud Jake. Well done! A big thank you to everyone who helped today, and a big well done everyone who competed and thank you all for coming

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