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Tavistock Sports Personality of the Year (Reuben is receives Outstanding Practical Performer award)

On Thursday 23rd November, both Reuben and Lottie (along with parental support) attended Tavistock College's annual Sports Personality of the Year awards.

They, along with one other Yr 7 girl, had been nominated for Yr 7 Outstanding Practical Performer! After taking their seats with the rest of the nominees and the parents being sent to the back of the hall, the awards began with local Extreme Cold Weather Chief Instructor, Mountaineer and ex Royal Marine Barry Gray acting as Special Guest and handing out the trophies. Due to not knowing which category they been nominated for, both Judoka sat with their eyes and ears glued to the front, waiting with baited breath to see their faces on the big screen and to finally find out who would be the recipient of the coveted S.P.O.T.Y award. The first half of the ceremony came and went (passed quicker by the consumption of sweets!) as did the interval, with no sign of either Reuben or Lottie's name and faces.

Then began the second half and finally their category was upon us! Lottie, Reuben and the other nominee's faces filled the big screen and tensions rAn high! Who would be the eventual winner......? A member of the Tavistock P.E Department takes the stage to recite the achievement's of the winner........ and it is revealed.......... “The winner of the Yr 7 Outstanding Practical Performer 2017 goes to Reuben Frise”!! We are very proud of Reuben for winning this award and all his achievement's this year within judo.

We are also proud of Lottie. To be nominated in Yr7 after such a very short time at the College is extremely prestigious and both of them should be very proud of themselves. Who knows, with more Drake Judoka attending the college in the next academic year, we could see more and more of our awesome DJC children at this event!

Well done to Reuben and to Lottie who have both worked extremely hard this year and have both improved their Judo, The Club is very proud of you both. as a side issue I'm not sure who is more happy Reuben or Jess? - Ross

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