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DJC delivering sessions for The Alternative Complementary Education system(ACE) in Plymouth

The Alternative Complementary Education (ACE) system in Plymouth is part of the education provision for children and young people who are unable to access mainstream education.

Their issues may be emotional or behavioural- either way, there is something in place to support their needs. For three years, Drake Judo Clubs Mike Askew has held classes with ACE as part of their educational programme. Sessions have been planned for December this year and early in the New Year at Drake Judo Clubs Plymouth dojo at the Life Centre.

“There is a great deal that the young people can benefit from in a short time,” says Mike. “It’s not unusual for someone to not want to enter the dojo at the beginning of the sessions but by the end they are buzzing and can’t wait to join in. Success takes many forms; for one person may be to simply be on the mat with others, whilst for another the enjoyment of diving over a belt higher than their mates is their success, and one good throw is someone else’s success. Everyone is different.”

. *Mike Askew is a qualified primary school PE teacher and black belt 1st Dan and a UKCC Level 2 Coach

Drake Judo Club's Equity Officer Andrea Brown said ''We are delighted to be able to deliver these sessions for ACE, Mike is a fantastic coach and enjoys teaching the sessions and watching the pupils develop''

DJC has a very broad and robust equality and diversity policy which aims to offer access to Judo sessions for all parts of the local community and beyond

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