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More Gradings @ Drake Judo Club

So we had a few of our Judoka who were not able to make the grading last week and there's the seniors who were in the right place at the right time but turned away as the juniors were hogging all the mat time

Therefore on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the subsequent gradings took place with Mike & Ross doing the examining for the Mon and Kyu and Champ Ros doing assessing for the Sho

First up was our 'Pocket Rocket' Guilia on Wednesday who passed her 3rd Mon(rumours that the grading was conducted in Italian were unfounded :)

Friday night saw George pass his Orange SHO grade, with his usual brand of Bettey enthusiaim followed by Conor who successfully negotiated Yellow SHO and impressed Ros

Then we had Josh, Angus, Leo, Conor and Flo who all successfully completed their respective exams

Then moving swiftly to Saturday, we had Felix and Max achieve their 1st SHO

Then siblings Izzy and Oliver took 2nd Mon and 4th Mon(yellow) belt

Finally club captain Jack Murphy circumnavigated the Blue belt grading very well

Lastly the seniors Rob and Dom took there first step to Black belt with their 6th Kyu grading

Full results were as follows

Felix - 1st SHO

Max - 1st SHO

George - 3rd SHO

Conor - 2nd SHO

Izzy - 2nd MON

Oliver - 4th MON

Guilia - 3rd MON

Leo - 3rd MON

Josh - 1st MON

Angus - 2nd MON

Flo - 2nd MON

Captain Jack - 13th Mon

Rob - 6th KYU

Dom - 6th KYU

DJC have graded 41 individuals in the last 2 weeks and moving forward next year we will be dedicating specific Sundays in Tavistock where we will hold Pre-Grading workshops and then have the exam at the end of the day

Well done to everyone

Mike, Ros & Ross

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