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Grading @ Drake Judo Club

Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of October was a time of assessing skill and knowledge in the form of Examinations

For our under 8's it was SHO grades, assessed by Ros and for the over 8's it was MON grades examined by Ross

Pre-Grading was taken by Charles and sessions were run by Dan, Mike L and a returning Zhivko

We also had a treat during the session when recently re-patrated World Bronze medal winning judoka Mark Adams paid us a visit(with 5th placed Kylie too!)

Players who graded SHO are as follows

Cafan - 4th SHO(green)

Fran - 3rd SHO(orange)

Freddie - 1st SHO(red)

Wilem - 1st SHO(red)

Reuben - 4th SHO(green)

Oliver - 1st SHO(red)

Evelyn - 3rd SHO(orange)

Oscar - 2nd SHO(yellow)

Millie - 3rd SHO(orange)

Keisha - 2nd SHO(yellow)

Angus - 6th SHO(purple)

Jason - 3rd SHO(orange)

Beth - 3rd SHO(orange)

All our new SHO grades with Dan

Players who graded MON are as follows

Maria gets her yellow belt!

Alex - 1st Mon

Will - 2nd Mon

Isobel(bizzy) - 2nd Mon

Ethan - 3rd Mon

Oliver - TBC

Izzy - TBC

Guilia - TBC

Leo - TBC

Allan - 3rd Mon

Daisy - 2nd Mon

Erin - 4th Mon - Yellow Belt

Erin gets her yellow belt!

Flo - TBC

Louis - 3rd Mon

Mia - 2nd Mon

Skyla - 3rd Mon

Oscar - 2nd Mon

Maria 'La Toro' - Yellow Belt

Georgia - 2nd Mon

all our new mon grades with Dan

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