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Drake appoint Equity Officer

I am delighted to announce that Andrea Brown has accepted to position of Equity Officer for Drake Judo Club.

Andrea has been involved with Drake since our inception and is one of our most active members. I can think of no-one who is more suited to this role than Andrea.

What is an Equity Officer?

The role of an equity officer is to ensure that equity, equality and equal opportunity is established, maintained and fostered throughout the club

What does an Equity Officer do?

  • promote and demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice

  • share guidance and guidance in all areas of equality

  • assess needs – in terms of issues such as disability, impairment and gender – and guide the club so it can provide appropriate sporting opportunities for its members

  • promote changes within the club to provide greater accessibility, opportunity and equity

  • respond to and report any incidents of discrimination, following the club’s Equity Policy and that of the national governing body / British Judo Association

  • maintain up to date knowledge of anti-discriminatory legislation and of National Governing Body / Sport England guidance regarding equity best practice

  • present reports and recommendations to the Club Committee

  • lead on the coordination of equity training for volunteers and staff

I envisage that the role will overlap with Jess and welfare and that Andrea and Jess will work closely together on certain issues or training for coaches and members


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