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New Tavistock Volunteers!

Drake Judo Club is delighted to announce that Denise Bettey and Mark Bettey have agreed to become official volunteers for Drake Judo Club

Denis & Mark

Denise has agreed to become a site specific 'Oya' for our Tavistock class, she is already familiar to most of membership at Tavistock as her son George attends the Sho class and is very popular!

As we explained in our earlier post an 'Oya' (which means parent in Japanese) is a general volunteering position which means the Oya is on hand to give assistance to our membership and parents. We have site specific 'Oya' Club wide 'Oya' and competition 'Oya' - If you are interested in volunteering then please speak to Ross or one of the Drake Committee

Denise has been joined by Mark Bettey who will fill in for Denise when she is not available and also has agreed to assist with acquiring sponsorship for the club and its players

A Big Thankyou to Team Bettey!

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