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Meet the 'Drake Oya' Volunteers!

Drake Judo Club are delighted to announce that we have 5 volunteers who have taken up our new 'Drake Oya' Volunteer position.

So what is a 'Drake Oya' I hear you ask?

Oya is the Japanese word for 'parent' and the role is based around the spirit of an 'all rounder' volunteer,

Drake Oya's will be present at training, events, grading's, trips and competitions, they will be identifiable by there T-shirts and you will come to know who the are,

Oya's can be called upon for any type of help you might need, from applying plasters and comfort for those little booboo's or helping our smallest members find a jacket, talking to perspective new members, maintaining discipline at competitions and events we attend, providing feedback to the committee from members and guests, helping laying mats, taking registers and money,

Drake is extremely please to announce our following club wide Oya's are

Claire Kidd (Will's Mum)

Claire Lyons (Callum & Ewan's Mum)

Sidonia Losonczi (Bogdan's Mum)

Ruth Morgan (Nate & Ava's Mum)

Juliet Smith Morgan (Nate & Ava's Mum)

We will be looking to potentially appoint more site specific Oya's especially to Tavistock so if you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us!

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