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Grading Time at DJC

our new orange belts, with some bloke at the back

It was back to training with a bang for our players, well in fact back wouldn't be an accurate word as we have run over the whole of the summer with good attendance across all classes! (well done to our membership!)

Our first September session has certainly started with a bang though as some of our more experienced juniors(Gen1) took part in a grading,

The standard was very good with the players demonstrating the techniques very well but also applying them in a shia situation.

Congratulations to the following players who passed

Reuben Frise - 6th to 7th Mon

Lucy Knape - 6th to 7th Mon

Alanna Hopkins - 6th to 7th Mon

Jake Brown - 6th to 7th Mon

Maria 'La Toro' Oram - 2nd to 3rd Mon

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