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DJC @ Devon Training (Kingsley School Dojo)

Sunday August the 6th saw DJC organise a club trip to Kingsley School for Devon training, Kingsley School is in Bideford North Devon and takes about an hour and 45 minutes to get to,

Although we were quite a few people down due to holidays 17 players made the journey with us.

We arrived in good time and immediately took to the giant mat area. We were joined by players from South Brent, Kingsley School and Hoshi clubs and numbers were around 50 players, The session was split into 2 classes with the older players receiving training from Alex Paske who is a former GB squad player and also from Devon, Justin and Ros led the class for the younger players.

It was a very enjoyable session and I'm glad to say that some of the Drake contingent took the oppotunity to partner up with players from other clubs and hopefully make some new friends.

The 2 hours went very quickly after which we broke for dinner, Lyshia & Gary Gregory joined us and some of our players met Gary for the first time(they are looking forward to training with him in September!)

After dinner, The John Davies Western Area Summer Camp began and we were invited to stay on and partake(the camp is for elite junior players) there were over 120 Judoka on the mat, it is the biggest session i have personally been involved with and it was a chance for our players to see some of the older more experienced players in action, overall it was a couple of levels above where we currently are and a little daunting for some of the smaller members but none the less a wonderful experience and will have whetted the appetite of some of our more experienced players.

Overall i was very happy with our effort, our conduct was mostly ok, obviously our players are in 'holiday; mode and this made for a little tiredness but my usual high standards were met

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

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