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Introducing our Youth/Elite Coaching Team - Gary Gregory & Mike Nugent

Drake Judo Club is delighted to announce that we now have our coaching line-up for our brand new Youth/Elite class at Marjons starting in September

We are very lucky to have 2 fantastic coaches agreeing to take on the class which will hopefully become a breeding ground for Drakes youth players(13 - 21). Gary and Mike have coached together previously at Plymouth with very successful results.

For those of who don't know Gary he is a 2nd Dan Black Belt and a UKCC Level 2 Coach, he is a pure Martial Artist with experience in many different forms, including BJJ, Karate, Kung Fu and is one of the country's leading practioners of Jeet Kune Do (the martial art created by Bruce Lee) He is a former national Masters Medallist and a member of the British Masters Squad.

Gary also has a vast experience of current elite level Judo, attending mostly national and international competitions of the last 2 years, this has included large amounts of mat side coaching and developing specific competition techniques which are then delivered at sessions to individual players.

You all(we hope) are aware of our Head Coach Mike Nugent, Mike is keen to have Drake provide a full offering to players from Primary through to University level

Drake Judo Club are committed to YOU, the member or player in providing the best coaching and training available at our disposal

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