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Black Belt Link and New Class @ Tavistock College

Drake Judo Club is pleased to announce that we have agreed a formal Black Belt link with Tavistock College Secondary School. This means we will be starting a satellite club within the school which will be delivered on a weekly basis on a Thursday afternoon/evening.

Also starting in September we will be giving a number of demonstration assemblies prior to classes taking place

DJC already have Reuben and Charlotte who will be starting Tavi College in September and we hope that delivering sessions to the school will help bring Judo to a wider audience to children and young people in Tavistock and surrounding areas

For those of you who are unaware a Black Belt link is part of our commitment through Clubmark and School2Dojo to develop relationships with local schools, there are three ranks Yellow, Blue and Black belt link, we currently have a yellow belt link with Whitchurch Primary and now our first Black belt link

We hope to add many more links to this list over the coming 12 months.

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