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Introducing Our Newest Coach - Steve Coles

Drake Judo Club are pleased to announce that Steve Coles will be joining us as our latest coaching acquisition,

Steve began Judo as a young junior and proved to be a bit of a natural and was selected to be part of the British Cadet Squad and subsequently travelled abroad representing his country,

Steve has a very 'Japanese' in coaching style, no nonsense and good discipline are the basis of his sessions, he has particular areas that I am a big fan of including footwork, movement, position and throwing from any grip.

Steve was previously the Devon County Coach and oversaw some very successful Devon Teams along with Pete Whitfield. He holds a current UKCC level 2 coaching qualification

Steve is a primary school teacher by trade and lives in St Austell in Cornwall so will not be able to take on a regular session but will be able to provide valuable support for our current coaching base and give fantastic input into the coaching group, Mike, Charles, myself, Dan and Jack have all trained with or coached alongside Steve previously and can tell you that he is a fantastic proponent of Judo and will be an asset to DJC moving forward


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