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Drake Judo Clubs Summer Beach Day!

As Drake Judo Club is so close to the sea and has ever growing numbers it was only a matter of time, before we ended up at the beach for the day. What a day it was too!

A few months ago I mentioned it would be nice if we met up at Bigbury to celebrate the start of the summer, a time to get together ‘off the mat’ so to speak. A day where everyone is invited, particularly all the brothers and sisters, nans and grandads, uncle and aunts that bring the Judoka to the mat, watching countless sessions without going on themselves.

Even though the weather for the last week has been pretty terrible, with flooding two days before, we persevered and really should not have worried, the sun was out and the weather glorious! Sixteen families came along and we took over quite a section of beach. Just the forty eight of us! Tony’s gazebo providing a bit of shade for when it got too hot and the Drake flag was gently blowing in the breeze! There was a whole DJC army of bodyboarders, surf boarders, paddle boarders and swimmers out on the

waves, whilst others sat in the sun and chatted as the world went by. Various barbeques sizzled and the kids played in the sand, explored the rockpools and wandered along paddling their toes. It was great to see a few DJC ‘Get a grip’ shirts dotted across the beach.

As the afternoon drew on, some had to go and a few of the others decided to take a walk, disappearing to ‘The Pilchard’ for cold refreshments. Teatime approached, and Tony got the Barbeque going and kindly fed the remaining hungry families with a mountain of burgers and sausages washed down with a cold pint that Lindsey brought us back from the pub, Thanks!!

It has been a great day - and I am already planning the next one! Today, there were various discussions of more social events. Sounds like there will be a Ladies Spa day/night out soon, closely followed by a Boys night out!

Thanks everyone for joining me on the beach!

Dan DJC.

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