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DJC @ Kazudo Judo Club Trophy Cup Championship

On Sunday a massive representation of 25 Drake Judo Club judoka, from 8 years old to 40, traveled across to Newquay to contest in the Kazudo Judo Club Trophy Cup Championship. Drake made up a quarter of the total judoka who would compete, not only for individual medals, but also as a team to claim points for their respective clubs towards the Trophy Cup. Drake’s judoka, supporters and coaches swarmed the hall in numbers as an irresistible force.

First up were the lighter weight categories with Guilia, Erin, and Alex. Erin and Guilia competed in the same group, with Guilia starting the day with great effort and a wonderful smile as always. Guilia took a well-earned bronze and showed definite improvement in her judo. Erin took the group by storm, winning all of her contests in great fashion (one in 3 seconds) to take a brilliant gold. Alex, edging into a higher weight group, had a tough start losing to somewhat of a nemesis of late, then bounced back with determination to win with a hold down after some WWE like entertainment; dodge then spear. With confidence restored he then took his second win with more composure and a lovely combination for a silver medal.

Club Vice Captain and junior coach Lucy was next, competing in her first competition in 2 years and against experienced club team mate Lottie, albeit in separate weight groups. Lucy would bounce back from early defeats to score the important win with a ippon throw and gold in her weight. Lottie brilliant won her first two contest, before turning a draw to a win in golden score and gaining a shiny gold medal. Phoebe won another gold for Drake competed against players outside of her weight group and took a fabulous early win before giving a much bigger player a good run for her money. Skyla (making her debut), and Flo would put on great performances in their group before competing against each other for the gold, with the tenacious Flo coming on top.

Jake and Will in the same group, and Alanna are called up next. Will and Jake would win their respective contests before being pitted against each other in what was an eagerly contested match with Jake coming out on top. Jake in particular was blowing the competition away and in one contest in super quick fire fashion, beat Erin's earlier record with a 2 second ippon. Will was successful with his usual Ippon seio nage. Jake took the gold this time with a well-deserved silver for Will. Alanna has been very successful this year with 8 gold medals, including becoming Kent International Champ, but was made to work hard for her gold on this occasion winning against a regular judoka, then coming from a score down in her second contest to win with an ippon before winning her third and gold number 9.

More interclub contests next between Allan, Rueben and Louis. Rueben would use his experience and strength to hold down both club mates in fierce contests to win gold; whilst a very tight contest between Allan and Louis would result in two draws before Louis would emerge in the third match as the eventual winner to take a well-earned Silver. Young Josh would step up and got the crowd going with his determination, and earned good experience from a very tough day on his way to his bronze medal. More interclub with the tenacious Bogdan and Oliver in the same group. Oliver contested with bags of effort, but it was tough up against an orange and a green belt. Bogdan's usual fearless approach and fantastic judo would result in another 100% winning streak and gold, with an impressive win against a green belt.

With the junior judoka matches complete it was time for the medals and with 9 golds, 6 silvers and 3 bronze medals, the day was shaping up well for Drake, with the pre-cadets, minors and seniors still to come.

Pre-cadets Izzy and Captain Jack were next. Jack dominated with a lovely turn over and hold in his first and another confident win for is second contest. Izzy was very impressive in her contests, with three wazaris before holding for ippon in her first and a fantastic transition into kesa gatame for her second before another win in her third, and a gold for herself and yet another for Drake. Ethan up next, and in a group including Hoshi’s Callum. Ethan would lose to the eventual gold medallist before a combative contest with Callum would fall in favour to the Hoshi judoka. The next group of players included youngster Kieron with senior Mark in a very surprising line up. The two club mates took to the mat, with Kieron doing well, but Mark would be patient and take his opportunity for a throw and ippon. Both would lose to the eventual gold medallist.

The seniors were next, with Rob, Mark (again) and Dereck competing in the u81s, u100s and over 100s respectively. Rob warmed up with a loss in his first before a great effort in his second would result in him unfortunately being held and taking the lessons learned for next time. Mark would win his contest in 9 seconds for gold. Both u100kg players then took on Dereck the colossus. First Mark tried in a familiar sight for those who attend Drake's Monday night senior session, but Dereck was too strong, before Dereck ended the day with another win and a debut gold, and the 100th medal for Drake this year, just fantastic!

All of the 25 players incredibly earned medals which included 13 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze. the Kazoku Trophy was also presented to Club Captain Jack and Vice-Captain Lucy as Drake Judo Club were the most successful club on the day. Well done to all of our players and coaches, and a big thank you to all of our supporters. I think the Chairman, and all of the coaches are very proud of you.


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