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A link to Marjons?

Ryan & Ross at the Long Stanton Spice Museum

DJC's ethos is the continuous development of our club to give the member, guest or parent the best coaching, the best facilities and and the best training opportunities.

With that in mind Andy and I headed up to the University of St Mark & St John(Marjons), a wonderful institution based here in the Ocean City, for a meeting with an old mate of mine, 1st Dan black belt Ryan Thomas who just happens to be a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Sport & Health Sciences

The meeting was also hosted by Stan Cinnamond who is the Director of Sports.

The four of us discussed a variety of ideas and possibilities which could be of massive mutual benefit to both DJC and Marjons, these ideas will need to be discussed further within our committee but I am confident that we will have some sort of official link with them moving forward.

A couple of things that i am keen for our players to have access to:-

  • Specific tailored strength and conditioning programmes for individual players

  • Physio facilites to re-hab injuries or to manage injuries moving forward, the old days of ''stick an ice pack on it'' are long gone

  • Sports science sessions which aim to improve specific areas of an athlete's performance.

  • Information on nutrition and managing weight for competition

  • Potential to assign 3rd year degree students to oversee individual players and attend training sessions, competitions and events as strength and conditioning, physio and nutrition coaches

Also an opportunity to potentially run a small satellite class for the students at Marjons is something that has potential when considering 'long term player development'


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