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The Last of the Summer Gradings

Compo, Clegg and Foggy

We finished our summer grading season where we started, with the 'older' judoka within our club,

First up was a rather nervous Sam who was attempting to gain his 6th Kyu (red belt) and get rid of the dreaded White,

Sam getting rid of his white belt

This was a proud moment for Senior coach Lee, as Sam started the first week Lee took on the coaching role here at DJC

Next up was Derek, who already has his Children Daisy and Allan doing very well in our junior ranks(Allan has recently been invited onto the squad) but has also been putting in the hard work too and also went for his 6th Kyu and passed very well

Derek catching up to Daisy and Allan

Lastly was Mark who had the pressure of having both examiners (Mike & Ross) grading him but also with President Perry assisting on the main session too,so the pressure was on to deliver a good performance! Mark was attempting to get his 3rd Kyu (Green Belt) a very tough grading with no real room for error, he put on a very good demonstration and understanding of technique and theory

Our newest green belt

Congratulations to all of our members who have graded this time (all 40 of them!) we will do it all again with different members in September

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