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DJC School Demo @Whitchurch Primary School

One of the founding principles of Drake Judo Club is to reach out (sorry for the management gobbledygook) to other clubs and local schools. As part of our BJA Clubmark application, we have established a Yellow Link with Lottie's school, Whitchurch Primary in Tavistock. One of the requirements of this, termed a Schools-2-dojo link, is to perform a demonstration at the school. It also nicely dovetails with Chairperson Ross's seemingly never ending recruitment drive!

And so Charles, Lucy and Lottie with myself supporting, introduced Judo to the school. With 2 sessions (audiences of 120 and 90 respectively), a great demonstration of the basic techniques of break falls, forward and backwards throws as well as a bit of ground work were shown. The girls utilised the school crash mat to run through their entire range of throws which allowed Lottie to do a bit more practice of her now favoured Sodi Tsurikomi Otoshi variation. Lucy ably demonstrated Uki Goshi which is her favourite. A few new turnovers made an appearance too, so it's going to be fun seeing some of those in competition soon! It must have impressed the audiences as there were some very pertinent questions and everyone was keen to see the bling that Lottie has collected over the last two years.

The teachers and Head Mistress were also very proud to see what Lottie has been up too as it put the various reports we have put into the school newsletter into context. Every teacher was impressed, especially the very game Mr Jones who was on the receiving end of Charles' favourite throw and he also allowed the girls to throw him to much applause!

Everyone left with DJC flyers and hopefully we've gained a few new recruits. Apparently Lucy's school also wants a demonstration, so I am now resigned to having 18 mats in my car for a while longer!

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