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Ne-Waza Festival of Judo & 1st Birthday!

Inter-club events use to be a contest between Tavistock and Plymouth sessions and a means for the club's Judoka to meet their other club members at least once a year. Since Drake Judo Club started, last year, the bond between the two groups has grown to one big family; Team Drake, who train and support each other throughout the year.

Interclub events are useful to help the very young Judoka and new members to go through the mat routine at the start of a contest, and for players to practice their skills in a relaxed environment. It is also a time to have fun with friends and family and an important way to maintain that special bond. This year’s Interclub was special for being a celebration of the clubs first and very successful year.

The event focused on ground work, and was fitting named The Ne-Waza Festival. With Judoka starting from the unorthodox kneeling position, it was up to club Chairman, Ross, to explain the starting procedure and the awarding of victories for the contests. Whilst a hold down is a straight forward 20 second count and an ippon for 10 points, without a hold the awarding of the contest to the victor was the unenvious task of the referee, and worth 5 points.

The day was well supported with Judoka from SHO grades, taking their first tentative steps, to more established players, and even some seniors. Whilst the results are not significant on the wider scheme of Judo, pride and friendly rivalry would ensure that each player would give their all to make for a great day. There were many great performances, from the fiercely contested group of Adiele, Alex and Nate, the domination of Phoebe, brother Rueben and Jake, the determination of Caffan, the friendly rivalry between Bogdan and Jack, amongst others. The day also gave the opportunity for the older juniors to compete against one of the clubs seniors.

Post Judo festivities would begin for the Judoka to fill up their emptied energy tanks. The members and parents would put on a great spread of Spanish, Chinese and ‘healthy’ British savories and deserts. All seemed to be devoured, to suggest that a lot of energy was consumed on the mat.

Next for the awarding of medals and the event would mark the unveiling of the club’s first medal. The medal is an image of the clubs logo and will be sought after for the club’s Judoka and Judoka of other clubs when they visit for a competition in future.

After a fun day in the sun the day before, today was of celebration. Celebration that the club can hold an event for 45 of its own Judoka , a celebration for the many champions and medal winners throughout the year, a celebration of the clubs first medal, and a celebration for the members, for the family; Team Drake.

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