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Judo al fresco!

Judo outside! - seems a simple enough concept doesn't it!

I have discussed with the Life Centre a couple of times about doing a session outside, part of the problem is that you need the perfect weather conditions and a good team of volunteers to help with the set-up

Luckily for us we had both on Saturday!

We( mean i sprung it on the other committee members) made the decision to trial after seeing the weather forecast was 'fine' although Ali, Georgia and Angus Mum had said that she checked the forecast it gave a 40% chance of rain, this made me nervous as obviously with any sort of rain we would have had to abandon the session as it would have been unsafe and the LifeCentre would not have been able to accommodate us inside

Every year Sensei Andy Cooper runs an outdoor Judo session/demonstration at the lambs feast in Plympton, i have seen these first hand on a number of occasions and they are always well run and successful in terms of recruiting new players to his club. therefore our hope was that while we were not demonstrating we would attract the interests of passers by as we were the only out door event and the Lifecentre is one of the busiest facilities in Plymouth.

By the end of the session there were many families sat on the grass watching and many promising to try next week which fur filled this part of our aim

Corey's first class is now one of the most popular in Devon, with 26 players joining in was fab, the weather held out and actually started to become very sunny!

My second class, run by Corey this week was of its usual well attended level and the players enjoyed the novelty of staring up at the sky when being held down and enjoying the softer landing that grass and mats provided,

All in all a big success and as a trial run it worked very well, we have a couple of points to work on but I'm hoping this will be the first of many!


P.S - i have caught the sun on face, hands and neck, sunblock will be the order of the day next time

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