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Lottie the Ronin

'Ronin' - definition - A wandering samurai warrior

One of the things that people don't get with Lottie is how much she wants to train and practice. This has given a few challenges in the past, as over the holidays she is based with her Grandparents in Reading. Quite a trek to get to Plymouth for a DJC session, even for our standards. So, as she did last Easter and indeed during the last summer holidays, Lottie took part in the Iinkai Judo Club course. These are 3 or 4 day fun judo based clubs with technique, games and a little randori mixed in. A mix of judoka at different stages in their judo journey attend from green belt to red belts to those on the Iinkai schools programme (similar to the Sho awards). Lottie was second highest grade this time.

As this was the third course that Lottie has done and in the spirit of the DJC ethos of friendship, she wanted to present a DJC badge to Iinkai. Lottie had previously been given a Iinkai badge as well so it returns the favour! Georgia and Angus from the Lifecentre classes are also previous Iinkai judoka, so fostering relationships with other clubs seems to work!

Lottie must have had a good time, judging by the photo of her with Tom, and she even got a certificate for her superb attitude during training!

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