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Grading @ Drake Judo Club 24/09/16

On Friday and Saturday it was grading time at Drake Judo Club!

Some honourable mentions of congratulations go to Will, Jake and Edgar who have now joined Drake's ever expanding gang of yellow belts,

Also Ros oversaw two more of our show gradings for our under 7's where we are starting to get a solid system in place for appraising our younger players

Well done also to our ''Middle Aged Dad's Army(minus Handsome Matt)'' who all passed their respective examinations and move up another rung on the ladder,

The following players passed


Bogdan - 5th Mon

Jake - 4th Mon

Lucy - 2nd Mon

Will - 4th Mon

Adiel - 1st Mon

Lottie - 5th Mon

Edgar - 4th Mon

Ella - 2nd Mon

Oliver - 1st Mon


Nate - 7th Sho

Thea - 6th Sho


Andy M - 4th Kyu

Andy H - 5th Kyu

Dan - 4th Kyu

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