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Drake Judo Club at the Western Area Closed

Three intrepid warriors from the Drake Judo Club went forth into the deep dark South Hams for the Peter Murphy, Western Area Championships. An early start and lots of car parking change was called for to get Jake, Jack and Lottie weighed in. We must get a set of West Devon scales as they read about 2kg less than the ones Andy has been weighing everyone with! The usual chaos ensued with everyone trying to warm up at the same time. After the mandatory confusion, the main event started with Lottie and Jake up first until Jake got sent back to the cheap seats due to a misheard tannoy message (it ever ceases to amaze how bad the tannoy is at judo competitions!). Lottie was in a big group and lost both her fights and will have to read up on the machinations of the double group system (or whatever was used!). Jack got called and started, finished and threw anyone in front of him, including a little bit of payback from the Welsh yesterday. Fantastic, clean ippons although you'll have to excuse the author for not being able to name any of them. Eventually, Jake was back in action, but as with Lottie, the competition was higher graded and much more experienced. After much waiting, watching old and new friends compete and eating of cheesey chips, the prizes were awarded. Rather chaotic prize giving with medals missed and groups in random orders, but they got there in the end! Gold for Jack - the Western Area Champion! Nothing this time for Lottie and Jake aside from more exposure to a higher standard of competition. Lots of new friends made and a much more positive response to Drake Judo Club. A long day but a good one!

Jack with Gold medal and Devon flag

Lottie, Jack and Jake our 3 Drake Judo Club Competitors

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